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AOL – more bad news…

Posted by rexdixon on September 25, 2006

Well just as the old tech guard is starting to cool off, it’s getting ice cold. Remember that merger a few years back of AOL-Time Warner? I remember that one, and I laughed as AOL was not even CLOSE to being valued in real money as Time Warner at the time. Even Time Warner gave in back in those days, and said “Sure we will call the new company AOL-Time Warner, because you guys are on the cutting edge of technology.” [ cough.. cough.. bullsh… t!]

Well again, those professional bloggers who don’t have a day job like this professional blogcaster has hit it again with the latest bad news for AOL! Being the professional blogcaster I am, I have to go now and create the new podcast – 7 Minutes for Rex Dixon – the Monday 9/25/2006 edition.

While you wait for the new episode, feel free to check out the special book review I did – How To Play Business Golf or the 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon – 9/22/2006 show. Look for the new show shortly; like in about 2.5 hours from this posting; you know… Technically Speaking.


2 Responses to “AOL – more bad news…”

  1. […] They just released their latest version out of beta today of their little picture app called AOL Pictures – After the last article about AOL on this blog and elsewhere; Technically Speaking it could very well soon become AOLonYahoo!, or AOLGoogle, or ??? […]

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