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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster is back!

Posted by rexdixon on September 22, 2006

If you have an account on or had one, and left due to all the changes that went on over there in the past year and half —- well they are back! Go check it out now. If you never had an account, you might want to sign up to see what tribe is all about. I have always been behind what they started, and was very very disappointed to see the myspace’s of this world pass them by. When they started really looking bad, I felt bad for them as they (the ones that created and developed it) knew it was going down hill.

I don’t know how long it will survive, or what the final outcome will be. This could be the last hurah ride into the sunset for them, but for now it’s the old look. The annoying red as well as bubbles are gone. I think if they go back to where they were in 2003, 2004 timeframe (that was when Tribe actually was interested in Rex Dixon’s skills), I think they could creep back into a major force or at least not be written off; at least Technically Speaking.


2 Responses to “ is back!”

  1. But what about the SF attitude? Has, or will it ,go away or return?

    For Tribe to be successful they will need to develop a global appeal and not turn to shutting themselves in when other cultures bring in their point of views and in some cases more constructive attitudes.

    Changing themes is one thing and moving back to familiar ground is another, but will they keep the door open to bigger and better ideas from everyone and not just the Tribes the leaders of Tribe like better.

    I am and have been over on Tribe for sometime. I’ll keep an eye open to see if they draw in real people of normal intellect this time around.

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