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Two Schools of Thought

Posted by rexdixon on September 18, 2006

I hope everyone that is reading today had a great weekend. I know that I did. Just really busy, as in had something going on every day.

If you have had a chance to check out any of the podcast’s that I did last week, you will realize that I am currently just trying to get a feel for the whole thing.  One of the main changes that you may have seen on the podcast page is that the show is going to be called – “7 Minutes with Rex Dixon”. I feel that this is going to be the best format. As always, this could be subject to change, but you can hear the first one later this evening or tomorrow.

The two schools I refer too above, is the one where allot can be said for both sides of an argument. Not so much an argument, but more like one of those – “What would you do?” moments in life.  Many things can be said about the Podcasting environment. It’s quite different, and takes some time to get use to. That being said, in my travels this past weekend, I had to purchase that $600 piece of equipment to make mine better!

If you believe that last paragraph, then I just so happen to have the rights to sell this nice looking ARCH here in St. Louis you might be interested in buying. On a serious note, yes, I did have to get a better Podcasting setup concerning the audio input gear. Nowhere near $600 or even $60 for that matter! 

With all that being said above, what I am getting at today is the fact that some people will wait until the perfect podcast is recorded. I could do that, but then it would be like the band that rehearses for the perfect gig. Stuck in that basement, playing the same songs over and over again – perfectly of course, but never playing a show!

In my experiences, I have met many so called “god’s gift to music” and guess what? Most were as I described above, and are still – you guessed it – sitting in a basement somewhere. My school of thought is, get it out there no matter what. To build an audience (in Podcasting) you need to have podcast’s out there. Yes, most if not all of mine from last week I wish I could take back and either redo entirely with my new “$600 piece of gear” or scrap them entirely.The side of the argument that I stand on today is that without releasing what I did, I would have never learned what I did wrong. In other words, you don’t learn by being perfect.

Perfection is pretty much what you make of it. Yes, I could release the perfect podcast, then where would my aspirations lie? I feel there is more to growth and learning then being perfect. I can tell you from personal experience; there are only a few times in life that I feel that I actually achieved a bit of perfection.  

What then of when you reach perfection? Once you achieve perfection so to speak, well if you are like me you just have to take it to the next level and top it; at least Technically Speaking.


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