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Why Concrete Outlives Health Clubs

Posted by rexdixon on September 14, 2006

I addressed a little bit about the above title in my last blog post called Sign of the Times, which can be found below. It’s time to go further into detail, and find out why concrete is surviving and health clubs are dying.  

The most obvious thing you can see here is that the concrete person was his own little company; he tries hard to land new contracts, and does everything possible to get the next job lined up. The health club, well it sits there, and expects people to just gravitate towards the place.  

What I see about the old way of doing business and the new way of doing business is the two different mindsets. In the old school of business, here is what you see.

No, I’m not going to ever bash people I have worked for or with openly. I use examples, and I know you have seen similar ones at your business or place of work. Personally speaking, I remember allot of the bad business practices, and I will be utilizing that knowledge to build my Professional Blogging and Professional Podcasting business. In other words, I learn from my mistakes as well as those that I see others (business) make.

Now for this example, I hope you have seen the movie “Clerks”.  You have this person; we’ll call him “Randall”. Randall is in a position that makes like $100,000 a year. What does Randall do all day? He sticks his head over the cubicle wall and talks to “Dante”. Dante nods, agrees, chimes in every now and again, and also makes like $100,000 a year. Dante though is like Dante in the movie; all of Dante’s work is caught up and done. Randall on the other hand knows pretty much he can talk all day and still at 4pm, he clocks out and just made around $385 for those 8 hours.

Now look at someone like the concrete contractor. He does his contract job, and while working takes a call on his cell and makes an appointment to do an estimate for another job. At lunch, he sees and gives a bid on a job on his way back from Taco Bell, and heads back to the job site. That evening on his drive home after the job, he stops and gives that estimate for the job call he took at lunch. That night while relaxing online he checks his e-mail and sees someone requested a quote via his web site. He sees that the person has an IM account which he has an account at, just happens to check in to that IM service, and talks to the person via IM chat. At that time, his cell phone rings from another web site visitor, and within 15 minutes time he has wrapped up two more job estimates for the next day.

Yes, both examples were generalizations. That in a quick nutshell is what is wrong with business today. The old business world needs to wake up and embrace the new one just as the concrete contractor has done. If the old corporate world doesn’t realize this (and allot have), those companies will fade away with a for lease sign just like that health club I passed on my way to work this morning; at least Technically Speaking.


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