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Sign of the Times

Posted by rexdixon on September 14, 2006

This morning while driving to work I happened to notice that this health club had closed, went out of business. There was a for lease sign hanging in the window. You are probably asking yourself – “So what else is new?” Have you paid any attention to what I have said here or on the podcast in the past 24-48 hours?  Traditional things such as normal businesses are starting to go away. Why is that? I believe it has to do with ignoring the internet and the vast potential that is out here. I mean companies such as,,, – these are the prime examples of the new economy.  

Stick with me now. Most of you are thinking – “Well so what, there are tons of health clubs, they are probably statistically doomed to fail!” This health club happened to be in a very nice area, a college town or more like within about 1 mile of a college campus. I’m sure you have heard of the college –Webster
. It sat probably less then a mile from the main apartment dormitories. With that in mind, don’t you think the survival rate could have been a bit better?
 I know for a fact, that most college kids are in way better shape then I am. I know that college kids are more likely to work out on a regular basis then say, oh well – Rex Dixon! So the question that is one to ponder is – “How did this fail?”  

Keep reading people it gets better. Shortly after I passed the failed health club, I was behind a pickup truck. It had some concrete companies name on it. This was an independent contractor (his company’s name, LLC). Is there more need for concrete then there is for good health?  No that isn’t the point I’m getting at. To be successful in today’s wacky economy it takes 3 things as I see it –

1. Drive and dedication.

2. Old business knowledge or old school knowledge on doing business.

3. Embracing the internet and using it with the entrepreneurial spirit that is there. 

How did the health club fail? How come there is more need for concrete then good health? Those are questions that I can’t answer. Concrete or health clubs, both can and are successful. I hope that my next blog post will explain more and possibly answer the question above. Since I know you rather listen (podcast) then read (blog), I try to keep these near one page in length.  Here is what I think. The people that created the latest hype that everyone had to know about – Lonelygirl15they had their pulse on what was hot, and went with exactly what I’m just saying. They took their old school knowledge that they either learned or crafted, and mixed it in with the new media opportunities that are out there on the internet.  

As far as I am concerned, I believe that I am going to make a great Professional Blogger or Professional Podcaster; at least Technically Speaking. 


3 Responses to “Sign of the Times”

  1. […] I addressed a little bit about the above title in my last blog post called Sign of the Times, which can be found below. It’s time to go further into detail, and find out why concrete is surviving and health clubs are dying.  The most obvious thing you can see here is that the concrete person was his own little company; he tries hard to land new contracts, and does everything possible to get the next job lined up. The health club, well it sits there, and expects people to just gravitate towards the place.   […]

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