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Unfinished Business

Posted by rexdixon on September 5, 2006

Have you ever started something and not finished it? I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes about now as well as muttering to yourself,”Well duh, of course.” What did you do about it? Did you dismiss it? Did you do something about it?

Personally speaking, I have allot of unfinished projects that I need to complete one day. I’m not just referring to the here and now, but over the course of my lifetime. One thing I have learned though, it does feel great to finish that unfinished project.

Case in point. A friend of mine, that goes by the name of Trashy Feelgood, for months kept bugging me about this song he wanted to finish. He kept going,”Rex, I want to finish the song “Casket”, yada yada.” I kept making one excuse or another to him on why we couldn’t do that today, or tomorrow, or next week for that matter!
Finally the day came when all the stars lined up I guess, as we both had the time to get together to track his vocals. After about 4 hours of about 50 vocal takes and a total of 19 tracks of vocals, the song “Color Coded Casket” was finished. I mixed it down for him, and believe it or not, for the genre (Crust/Street Punk) that it is, the taking of an already finished (music) as well as mixed song with no vocals on it, mixing the new vocal tracks together, getting it all to sound smoothed over, etc… It didn’t come out half bad. If you want to listen, click the title above.

The nice thing about it, it helped him to finish his unfinished business as in the closing of that band, and that chapter of his life.

For me, it finished my commitment to him. The months of putting him off, the months of saying to him,”Man that is gonna take a few hours of time, we need complete privacy, etc..“. The completion of that promise gave us both something.

What did I get out of it? The completion of my end of the task enabled me to be just an engineer and finally just sit there as only the engineer on a recording session. I wasn’t trying to write, play, sing, as well as arrange and record all at once!

I didn’t have to play any instruments, didn’t have to arrange any songs, didn’t have to write music or lyrics, I just was able to press record, and do the whole producer thing. I finally was able to do something that is fun when it comes to recording which is engineering the music. I wasn’t on the inside of the song at all. I was able to finally take a step back and look outside in.

That’s where the above story example takes me in this blog today.

Looking outside in. I believe that most of us are so caught up in what we do from day to day, that most of us lose sight of the outside in view. This could be from you being in charge of your own business or looking for a new lease on your career. When you lose the view, you lost the focus, and thereby you have been distracted down the road of spinning wheels and wasted time.

The next time when you are in a rut, or feel like things aren’t progressing like you would like, stop for a minute. Sit back and look over that list of things that are unfinished in your closet of tasks.

Once inside that closet of unfinished business, pick one out. If it’s your own task, great, if not and it’s like my example above of something you have promised to help someone do, that’s fine too. Now take that one item, and spend some time focused on that and FINISH what you started.

I believe after you have completed that task, your current task may have just taken on a new and rather shiny view from the outside in. You should now feel like you can proceed in a new refreshed direction with that outside in view; at least Technically Speaking.

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2 Responses to “Unfinished Business”

  1. GameGod said

    I’m always up for a piece of blogger-esque advice, and I appreciate you taking the time to write this!
    (I’ve actually got some songs to finish too, someday) 😛

  2. Nice post. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I found it enlightening.

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