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Posted by rexdixon on September 4, 2006

Well it’s Labor Day 2006, the summer has come to an end for most. Most of you are off today and since you are off and surfing around aimlessly, you may as well check out some of the places I have promoted here on this blog in the past month.

Business Golf – This site talks about golf and how you can take golf and incorporate it as an integral part of your business model. I am *not* a golfer, but after I read Scot Duke’s book – How To Play Business Golf – I can actually say that I wanted to get a set of golf clubs and actually learn how to play the game! Scot also writes a great blog about some of his golf adventures as well as some of his business ideas, and you can read the Business Golf blog yourself to see how passionate he is about what he does.

Photograph The Planet – It’s a great concept started by this person (Adam Katz) that decided that life is short, you only live once, and it was time to hit the road becoming a world traveler. His name is Adam Katz and you can read up on him at his site GeekEasy. The concept behind the site – Photograph The Planet – is like a game of sorts, for photographers or more like people that take pictures of cool places (and many ordinary ones) on this planet to share them with other people. As of this morning, there are currently 84 of 6,260,672 places on the planet that have a picture associated to it. Yes, I think there is plenty of time for *YOU* to get your picture up there!

radiusIM – Yes, it’s the “new hot rage” – instant messaging via a browser interface. There are other services out there, but this happens to be one I joined the day they opened the doors to everyone back on August 23rd. I like the fact that there is less overhead on your computer if you put all your chat services in one browser window. If you want to chat with me, and you see me on, you can bet that I’m on radiusIM. Here is how you can chat with me – AIM: RexDixon2006Yahoo/YIM: rex_x_projectMSN: rexduffdixonGoogleTalk: rexduffdixonradiusIM: RexDixon

BizNik – I didn’t really promote this site over the past month, but it is linked here. Basically it’s a business social networking group of small business owners and entrepreneurs. The core people on the site are basically in the great northwest part of the country known as the “Seattle area”. I believe it doesn’t hurt to get on there and see if you can network amongst the Seattle scene and help expand your business or independent venture.

Well enjoy the Labor Day holiday, and be sure to check out the above sites if you are just out aimlessly surfing today. You may just realize that Rex Dixon has found some cool new places on the internet. Have a great holiday and be safe!


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