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Time! – original post date – 8/10/2006

Posted by rexdixon on September 3, 2006

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking … into the future…..

How many of you now want to fly like an eagle? I see a few hands going up over there in blog reading land!

It’s a great thought, but in the world we live in, everything is based on time. Playing music, it’s all about timing. When you are playing it as in a band situation or even if you are writing your own songs, it’s all about the timing. Time is also used in reference to *who makes it* in the business and *who doesn’t*. It’s all about being in the *right place* at the *right time*. Everything that relates to reality and the world as we know it is based on time and timing.

The thought of flying like an eagle may seem like the right thing to do. It would probably even be a blast to do, at the right time. Doing this at the wrong time could be a disaster home video in the making!

If for instance, let’s say you start your business on “Vegetarianism” in say, St. Louis, or Kansas City, or Omaha in the middle of summer (bbq season). What do you honestly expect it do? I can pretty much guarantee it’s failure. It’s not the right time or the right place to try that.

I’m sure that this seems like a common sense statement for most people reading this, but for argument’s sake, starting that same business in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco or Chicago is not a guarantee for success either!

It all comes full circle to the above – It’s all about time and timing. You can’t expect to succeed in business or life for that matter if you are in the right place and the *wrong time*. Again, this seems like just a bunch of common sense so why am I talking about this at all since everyone already knows this?

More often then not, the most common things are so overlooked when you are heads down deep creating your own business, music, or recreational event. It’s looking from the outside in sometimes that might give you a sense of what is wrong. You can have the right set up, the right clients, and the right product and yet you are not making headway at all. Stop for a minute and think to yourself “Is my timing off?”

Now for my own little project that I’m suppose to be working on; the one I alluded to last night. It’s now the right time for me to get cracking on it again, well at least .. Technically Speaking.

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